Meet The Conversion Rate Experts Behind
Jungle Cat Marketing Solutions

Jungle Cat Marketing Solutions

Hello! We're Lacy & Mia.

We founded Jungle Cat Marketing Solutions in 2018 as a way for us to reach our goal of helping 1,000 businesses double their conversion rates.

Before founding JCMS, we were already well on our way to meeting that goal, but in we knew launching a website would help us reach businesses nationwide. We basically optimized our own lead generation funnel. 😂

So, here we are- ready to help you!

You may have already heard of us, but if not, here's a little bit about us:

Lacy is a genetic engineer turned marketing executive. She worked at Leadpages for ~2 years where she learned the ins and outs of high-converting landing pages. After leaving Leadpages, she spent nearly 10,000 hours mastering her understanding of conversion copywriting, online advertising and CRO. She took premium online courses, attended Ivy-League lectures, and devoured expert-written books & podcasts. Lacy is one of very few Top Rated Plus freelancers on UpWork (leading freelance marketplace) and has worked as a Fractional CMO for multiple companies. She's also been featured on "The Lead Generation" Podcast. Lacy has personally helped over 100 CEOs + CMOs increase their conversion rates by 2-10x.

Mia is a political scientist turned UX designer + consumer behavior expert. She is a nationally ranked speaker, acclaimed educator and occasional product photographer. Her design work is featured all over the web in dozens of different industries. She has worked with notable tech-startups, award-winning authors and million-dollar corporations. Mia' specializes in landing page, sales funnel and website design using popular no-code builders.